Wohllebe Immobilien

Properties as investment in Berlin

All properties can be viewed as an investment property in principle. Either they yield a continuous rate of return, e.g. in terms of rental receipts, or they are used by oneself and one receives a higher prize than the original at sale.

Of course the current market situation is always playing an important role with selling of the property for substantial fluctuation of prices can appear, because of different influences e.g. by means of economical or regional changes. These deliberations have to be considered at the purchase and also has to be in account with the planning in long terms.

Examples for investment properties in Berlin:

investment property in Berlin-Kreuzberg:

Wohn-/ Geschäftshaus in Berlin Neukölln:

Wohn-/ Geschäftshaus in Berlin Kreuzberg:

Wohn-/ Geschäftshaus in Berlin Schöneberg:

Wohn-/ Geschäftshaus in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg:


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