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Freehold flats in Berlin

The term freehold flat or residential property means the proportionate possession in a real estate Berlin. Mostly it concerns flats in apartment houses or also semidetached houses which can be split in form of a freehold flat.

The hallway belongs to the communal property of such an owner's community, also the facade, garden or court etc. It can only be decided together about the change of these surfaces in the condominium meeting. In such communities there is, usually, a house supervisor who takes over all organizational tasks and administers the housing subsidy what contributes to the reduction in costs. The property and the living spaces are split in the division explanation into residential areas. Every owner acquires therefore a certain joint ownership interest about which he has all control. Also a house Berlin environs like Schöneweide or Falkensee can be led as residential property which seems rather seldom with single-family dwellings.